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The Coldwell Banker Seller Services Guarantee

Based on what we have learned from our customers, we have developed and refined our service standards and practices. We deliver action - Guaranteed!
  1. We will discuss how we will represent you.

  2. We will follow a custom Marketing Action Plan for your property.

  3. We will review and help you evaluate competitive pricing information.

  4. We will discuss financing alternatives appropriate for your property.

  5. We will provide you with an estimate of your proceeds of sale.

  6. We will develop a Home Enhancement Plan to help attract more buyers.

  7. The entire Coldwell Banker team will work hard for you.

  8. Your property will be marketed to other real estate professionals.

  9. Your property will be promoted in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS).

  10. Information on your property will be available to local and out-of-town buyers.

  11. We will promote directly to key market areas.

  12. The Coldwell Banker property sign will help generate buyer inquiries.

  13. We will discuss how our advertising program can benefit you.

  14. Written disclosure will help make your property more saleable.

  15. A home warranty can help attract more buyers.

  16. We will keep you informed on a regular basis

  17. We will review our buyer marketing materials and the homefinding process.

  18. We will seek to bring you financially pre-qualified buyers.

  19. We will review all purchase offers and negotiate on your behalf.

  20. We will work to successfully close the sale.

  21. We will follow up on remaing details after the sale.

  22. We will help you relocate to your new destination.