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Investment real estate in the near future may become the most attractive form of personal financial equity growth. As the stock market continues to reach ever-increasing plateaus, many investors have already begun to look to other less potentially volatile and more tangible investments, one being local real estate.

Residential income property and select well located commercial properties provide good income streams, as rents which were static during the nineties, have in the past two years been increasing about a 5-8% annually. This has resulted in income property values increasing which is also natural as these properties historically follow single-family price increases that have been hot in the San Gabriel Valley since 1997.

Coldwell Banker Blackstone Realty is uniquely positioned to represent buyers in investment property as we have several associates with extensive experience that are qualified to search out the best of these properties. As in all real estate, location for income property is critical. In addition the buyers investment purpose whether short term cash flow or long-term equity growth for future cash flow and increased appreciation help to determine the properties to be considered. The San Gabriel Valley also happens to be the most affordable real estate when compared against either Orange County, Beach areas, the West Side or the San Fernando Valley. Another part of the equation is the fact that relatively little income properties have been built in the past 20 years as compared to the growth in population.

Add to all this, the fact that Coldwell Banker Blackstone Realty has a close business relationship with Landview Properties, Inc. a local full service property management company that provides critical information necessary for Realtor Associates to effectively represent income property buyers and sellers. Current rental rates, vacancy rates, city regulations and inspection requirements, individual property analyses based n a property manager's experience as to a property's condition and its potential for future increasing income, a maintenance crew for estimates of current repairs and an experienced group of suppliers and contractors available for consultation.

So as retirement income, college tuition income, and trust equity growth or to offset other current income, residential income property can be a solid performer for a family's future.Call or e-mail our Coldwell Banker Blackstone Realty Commercial Division Associates for a confidential, no obligation consultation.